OUR RPG :DDDD This is the ad. And it is CROSS-POSTED UP THE ASS.

FINAL FANTASY: 1920. An alternative universe RPG.

"There's men, everywhere jazz, everywhere booze, everywhere life, everywhere joy, everywhere, nowadays!
And it's good, isn't it grand, isn't it great, isn't it swell, isn't it fun, isn't it, nowadays?
But nothing stays; in fifty years or so, it's gonna change, you know. But, oh, it's heaven, nowadays!"
--- Roxie Hart, "Chicago".

Name: Final Fantasy: 1920.
Format: Greatestjournal.
Genre: Final Fantasy series; alternative universe. (1920's time period setting!)
Contact: Angelo or Mikael.
Age limit/Rating: None. Just be mature.
Deadline: None.

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dreamcorset included me in ANOTHER one of her stories.

"Masuta-sama goes on to have another party with all her sodomize…ees. She orders an Orgasm that they can share, at a bar. Consequently, they end up doing just that. Those sodomizees take over America, and proclaim it Prozland. Under the iron rule of Masuta-sama, it is illegal to have any male prostitute to be anything other than PURE ASIAN, and the number of Asian underage male hookers skyrockets.

Overtime, though, Masuta-sama will become addicted to GG Isuka. When her thumbs break, she will learn to play with her tounge, teeth and nose. Consequently, this will make them good for other things not to mention in this. But not even the allure of a hot asian hooker dog pile will be able to rip her away from that screen.

Cloning of Sol and Ky is approved in Prozland.

Everyone is happy (espically the male hookers)."
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"There’s Masuta-sama, too. I can’t say her name, or the WHIP OF A THOUSAND LASHES will come down on my back. And then she will call out, “Uke-chan, what did I tell you to call me when we’re in the bedroom.” And I don’t want to have to undo all the hard work and money Masuta-sama put in to training me, plus I don’t ant to have to drink Indian wax again."

"...Or why I have such a tall, imposing, seme like character with me, and why this particular person seems to be excluding the air of, “I rape little boys with my semeness, ergo I can rape you too.”

It’s happened before. We’ve passed by a playground, and every single boy drops to the ground—whether they are on jungle gym or monkey bars—clutching their bums and shrieking..."

"Masuta-sama stands solemnly in the living room before pulling out the Sword of Omens and making a collect call on it. Within minutes, fifteen underage male hookers are partying at the Young household. Much like the sultans of Arabia, Masuta-sama is smoking opium in a corner surrounded by lightly dressed young men."
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I thought it was an eyebrow shaver thing...

nibbles no jutsu: ...
nibbles no jutsu: Oh, apparently it's also for pubic hair.
nibbles no jutsu: It says "BIKINItouch"
nibbles no jutsu: on the side
nibbles no jutsu: LOL
Moose In A Dress: LMAO
Moose In A Dress: [Dies]
nibbles no jutsu: and I was chewing on this... >__<
Moose In A Dress: LMFAO
nibbles no jutsu: fjfskfsj LOL
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