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"There’s Masuta-sama, too. I can’t say her name, or the WHIP OF A THOUSAND LASHES will come down on my back. And then she will call out, “Uke-chan, what did I tell you to call me when we’re in the bedroom.” And I don’t want to have to undo all the hard work and money Masuta-sama put in to training me, plus I don’t ant to have to drink Indian wax again."

"...Or why I have such a tall, imposing, seme like character with me, and why this particular person seems to be excluding the air of, “I rape little boys with my semeness, ergo I can rape you too.”

It’s happened before. We’ve passed by a playground, and every single boy drops to the ground—whether they are on jungle gym or monkey bars—clutching their bums and shrieking..."

"Masuta-sama stands solemnly in the living room before pulling out the Sword of Omens and making a collect call on it. Within minutes, fifteen underage male hookers are partying at the Young household. Much like the sultans of Arabia, Masuta-sama is smoking opium in a corner surrounded by lightly dressed young men."
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