x (memorized) wrote,

Voice Post

919K 4:25
(no transcription available)
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Hey there. You don't know me, but... I was looking through the directory and found your profile, and you seem interesting. Do you mind if I add you? I adore your art. (Also, we have a couple of mutual friends. ^^;)
Hey~ sure. :)

Wtf, we even live in the same CITY! o_o
... woah, we do. O___0; I didn't even notice that. Yo!
I do apologize but I had to remove your membership. In order for you to be a part of the community, your full birthdate, month, date & year, has to remain on your profile. It is a requirement by LJ that I have to follow in order to keep my community here. Once that has been changed, you can rejoin the community and it'll be approved. Thank you for your understanding.