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dreamcorset included me in ANOTHER one of her stories.

"Masuta-sama goes on to have another party with all her sodomize…ees. She orders an Orgasm that they can share, at a bar. Consequently, they end up doing just that. Those sodomizees take over America, and proclaim it Prozland. Under the iron rule of Masuta-sama, it is illegal to have any male prostitute to be anything other than PURE ASIAN, and the number of Asian underage male hookers skyrockets.

Overtime, though, Masuta-sama will become addicted to GG Isuka. When her thumbs break, she will learn to play with her tounge, teeth and nose. Consequently, this will make them good for other things not to mention in this. But not even the allure of a hot asian hooker dog pile will be able to rip her away from that screen.

Cloning of Sol and Ky is approved in Prozland.

Everyone is happy (espically the male hookers)."
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