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OUR RPG :DDDD This is the ad. And it is CROSS-POSTED UP THE ASS.

FINAL FANTASY: 1920. An alternative universe RPG.

"There's men, everywhere jazz, everywhere booze, everywhere life, everywhere joy, everywhere, nowadays!
And it's good, isn't it grand, isn't it great, isn't it swell, isn't it fun, isn't it, nowadays?
But nothing stays; in fifty years or so, it's gonna change, you know. But, oh, it's heaven, nowadays!"
--- Roxie Hart, "Chicago".

Name: Final Fantasy: 1920.
Format: Greatestjournal.
Genre: Final Fantasy series; alternative universe. (1920's time period setting!)
Contact: Angelo or Mikael.
Age limit/Rating: None. Just be mature.
Deadline: None.

Most of you are probably used Final Fantasy RPGs that are set in a modern or futuristic period, which, more often than not, revolve around the generic "all games in one, because we said so" pitch. Many times, people grow tired of these repetitive store lines, and their tendancy to easily die off within a few weeks due to lack of ideas and interest.

Get ready for something (hopefully) entirely different.

Final Fantasy: 1920 is an attempt to deviate from the norm and bring you something intriguing and fresh. Instead of the usual futuristic setting that most associate with the series, this game takes several steps back in time --- all the way back to the Roaring 20s, in the heart of New York... and of course, featuring any Final Fantasy character you'd like to play as.

The idea probably sounds a bit strange to you, but the 20s can actually prove to be quite the promising setting for any game. Have your character get involved with the notorious mafia, be a risque and rule-breaking flapper, blow the blues at midnight on the stage of the local nightclub, or even be a simple confused immigrant. Feel free to get creative with your characters (even base them on actual figures in the 20s!), and help us to make this one of the most interesting alternative universe RPGs out there!

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